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Here are two new interviews with the Paranoia Comics team...  Make sure you check them out.

Click HERE to view our latest interview that was recorded and put together by the amazing team at  78 Inch Films. 

Click HERE to view the interview at the Baltimore Comic Con by COMIC WOW!

Paranoia Comics is a company built on the creativity, dreams and initiative of a small group of people with the goal of producing high quality creative projects that include movies, comics and books.
  Paranoia Comics mission is to produce movies, graphic novels, books, music and collectible memorabilia. 

The Death Rite comic is finally here!!! 

·    Death Rite centers on a unique religious relic which is inspired by the lives of various historical figures.  The story follows the tormented life of Kyle Simmons who while never being a popular child, has a chance meeting with a distressed loner who himself has struggled with heinous urges and devious inspirations.  

  Warning: It may keep you up at night


Death Rite Comic: Issue #1
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Necro Man Issue #1
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